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GIR Tongs feature sharp nylon blades that can be used safely on high-quality nonstick cooking surfaces without risking unsightly scratches or damage.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain, odor, and microbe resistant
  • Heat resistant to 400°F. Unlike silicone, nylon may deform with exposure to direct heat; do not leave unattended while touching a hot stove or grill. Extended direct heat exposure may damage the tong blades and void the warranty
  • GIR Tongs may be covered by one or more US and/or international patents, including US Patents No. 10,004,360 and D840,773
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Wire tension, material, and spacing are mission critical for aeration and foam production.

Carefully crafted with considered materials

Our tools are made from platinum-cured silicone. Cosmetic grade and hypoallergenic, our materials are always BPA and BPS-free.

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Quality that lasts a lifetime

We’re in it for the long haul, which is why all of our products are exceptionally durable and built to last from post-grad crash pads to family homes—and everything in between.

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Georgia W.Verified
Its great to have tongs
Its great to have tongs that are heat resistant & won’t scratch pans but they are so stiff, I can’t use them. I’ve tried several times but have had to toss to the side and use my cheapo ones instead. Also the lock easily pops up if you hit in utensil jar, so thats kind of a pain too.
Jared S.Verified
When I first received the
When I first received the tongs they were extremely stiff and I was afraid that I would have to return them. But after putting them through a round in the dishwasher it seems to have loosened up.
Kimberly C.Verified
Really good product. Especially love
Really good product. Especially love the grilling tongs
Ashley W.Verified
Like the small size and
Like the small size and silicone tops so I can use on a nonstick pan.
Walter M.Verified
I got the mini-tong and
I got the mini-tong and have used it for sorting and frying, and generally found it useful. My problem is the resistance to grasping something after full release. When the tong is fully open, the span between the thumb and index finger is a little too wide and there is too much resistance to closing. The span for me, a male, is about 6 inches, and it's not easy even for me. A smaller tong or one that doesn't open as wide would be better.

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