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Cocktail Straw
Cocktail Straw
Ultimate Bundle
Ultimate Bundle

The Very Best Tool Set

23 Reviews

A chef is only as good as their tools. This set is designed to cover all of your basic needs in the kitchen. Happy making!

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain, odor, and microbe resistant
  • Heat resistant to 550°F
Image for Standard Straw - Dusk / 5-Pack

Iced tea, coffee, or today’s green drink—our Standard size Ultimate Straws are perfect for everyday use.

Carefully crafted with considered materials

Our tools are made from platinum-cured silicone. Cosmetic grade and hypoallergenic, our materials are always BPA and BPS-free.

PDP - 5050 Media - Ultimate Tool Set - Desktop Image
PDP - 5050 Card - Ultimate Tool Set - Desktop Image

Quality that lasts a lifetime

We’re in it for the long haul, which is why all of our products are exceptionally durable and built to last from post-grad crash pads to family homes—and everything in between.

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Mary G.Verified
Making it perfect!
I can't compliment this company enough. My first order was a variety of items that I wanted to try. I ordered before Christmas and became too busy with the holidays that I put the unopened package away. In early February I found the package from GIR and it was missing an item. I emailed GIR and they were understanding and didn't question my story. I received the missing item about a week later. Throughout the encounter I was repeatedly asked how they could help, and if I was satisfied with their response. They were perfect! I couldn't ask for a better response, and I love my variety of silicon covers that I had ordered for medium to large-sized pottery bowls. They cover these bowls in the refrigerator and oven.
Nancy H.Verified
Two of our very best
Two of our very best friends moved to a new home in Philadelphia at the beginning of covid lockdown so we were not able to visit them until all of us finished our vaccines and waited two weeks. Usually we just exchange little gifts at Christmas and I gave them a GIR spatula a few years ago. Later on, they remarked about how much they really liked and used it. I was having trouble thinking about what would be a good house warming present for them (we're all retired and have pretty much everything we need) when I set the best tool set. It fit the bill perfectly. I can't really report much more on it nor include a picture but I am sure it is being used and appreciated. I know I always grab my GIF tools first.
Cy C.Verified
Well worth the wait! Use em every day!
I bought this set because I needed a new whisk (for whipping steamed milk for homemade lattes) and a new bowl-scraping spatula (for baking). I didn’t think I really needed the mini flip, the mini spoonula, nor the cup. After using at least one of these tools one or more times a day for a month, I have to say the mini spoonula is my surprise favorite— the best bowl-scraping type spatula I have ever owned. The mini whisk is also surprisingly lovely, light and springy in the hand. The gem-facet texture on its silicon handle that makes this whisk pretty to look at and easy to hold onto. The mini flip is great for a single egg, small pancakes, breakfast for one, and as a cookie tool. The mini spatula hasn’t gotten as much play as we thought it would, but it is perfect for manipulating cupcake and brownie batter in baking tins, like if you’re layering or swirling batters together. Which brings me to the cup. It seems perfect to use to store hot liquids that need to cool down (like ghee, browned butter, bacon fat, chicken fat) but I’d want to have a lid or at least a cover for it. I think it would make a good koozy, or a soap or candle mold too. But I haven’t really found a use for it on the regular yet.
Jennifer B.Verified
LoVe everything about it! Amazing quality, cutest color ever and perfect size for my 4 year old’s hands or an adult’s hands. I will use them when my daughter is it. Honestly, it’s a perfect set. Love GIR!
Amanda T.Verified
Love it! I cook a lot for 1 and 2 people and so I like to use smaller pots and bowls. These are perfect. And super cute. Very high quality.

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