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Are your soups, sauces, and pancake batter looking for a soulmate? You’ve found it—the ladle, perfected. Designed with a precision pouring edge that won’t spill a drop and a flexible, yet sturdy silicone bowl which scoops hard-to-reach corners.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain, odor, and microbe resistant
  • Heat resistant to 550°F
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The ultimate cooking experience starts with GIR's 5-Piece Ultimate Tool Set

Your Secret Weapon in the Kitchen

The Ladle comes with a deep bowl and embossed lines to help measure liquid ingredients. It's perfect for getting just the right amount of batter or soup so you can ensure uniformity.

A Ruby Ladle pouring pancake batter.
A Ruby Ladle pouring pancake batter.

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Randy G.Verified
Feel is great, have a
Feel is great, have a texture which gives great grip. Very nice
Garvinia S.Verified
In love!!!
Love my ladles . I got them in two different sizes and the functionality is just wonderful. It’s perfect for portion size selection. Whether using for soups or sauces, whatever needs a scoop. The colors are very attractive and the quality is great.
Caroline C.Verified
I bought both sizes for
I bought both sizes for dipping out just what I need for the bowl size. The flexible edge adds to it's superior functionality. I like to mix up the colors to add a little pop to my kitchen.
Adriane S.Verified
I'm still getting used to
I'm still getting used to this ladle. In theory, it's a good idea. In practice it's a little large and unwieldy.
Jared S.Verified

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