Baking Mat Set

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GIR’s elegant, reusable silicone mats are an eco-friendly alternative to expensive parchment paper, nonstick spray, and aluminum foil.

These baking mats are perfect for cookies, biscuits, rolls, roasting vegetables, frozen foods, and candy-making.

  • Set includes two mats: a standard quarter mat and a half sheet mat
  • They withstand temperatures from -40 to 550°F
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The GIR 3-Piece Ultimate Tool Set combines GIR’s top-selling kitchen tools.

Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

With durable, easy-to-clean, BPA & BPS-free kitchen tools by your side, you’ll be the home chef that gets it right—every time.

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Quality that lasts a lifetime

We’re in it for the long haul, which is why all of our products are exceptionally durable and built to last from post-grad crash pads to family homes—and everything in between.

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Angela H.Verified
Cookies and Salmon Right Every Time
I have one of these for my cookies and one for my salmon and they're brilliant. They clean up so nicely (better than other mats I have had in the past) and I feel much better about not using so much parchment paper. Every bit helps to reduce waste in the kitchen :)
Great Product
These mats are great AND they're dishwasher safe! My only complaint is that they don't sit flush with the edges of the pan.
Stan H.Verified
Great mat
Only used it a few times so far but unlike other mats I’ve used, this one is very easy to clean without feeling greasy.
Tamela S.Verified
Replaces parchment paper
I love this set. I use them to bake on and roll out dough. They reduce clean up and save money and reduce waste as I don't have to use parchment paper anymore. Great products
Timothy H.Verified
Easy cleanup
The baking mats are awesome! Nothing sticks to them making for easy clean up.

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