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Have you ever scrambled an omelette? Broken a yolk? The Flip can fix that. Its thin edges are designed to slide under delicate dishes—like eggs, crepes, and anything fresh-baked. Sturdy and flexible—it’s easy on cookware (even non-stick), built to last (won’t melt in the pan), and the grip feels great in your hand.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain, odor, and microbe resistant
  • Heat resistant to 550°F
  • Uses: Cook eggs, your way + all fresh pan bakes
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The ultimate cooking experience starts with GIR's Ultimate Tool Set.

A Size for Every Recipe

Whatever recipe you're making, our premium silicone Flip spatulas are sturdy and flexible for all stovetop needs. The Ultimate is great for big-deal meals like pancakes, while the Mini is great for small hamburger sliders.

A size comparison of the flip spatula.
A size comparison of the flip spatula.
A Ruby Flip spatula turning a pancake.
A Ruby Flip spatula turning a pancake.

Your Best Friend in the Kitchen

With durable, easy-to-clean, BPA & BPS-free kitchen tools by your side, you’ll be the home chef that gets it right—every time.

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Judy N.Verified
Excellent product
This is my third GIR product and all have been excellent. They are comfortable to hold, easy to manipulate, strong and flexible, and they clean up easy. The flexibility isn't perfect for all foods; for heavier items I will still reach for a stiff spatula instead.
Caroline C.Verified
Functionally perfect. The shape slides
Functionally perfect. The shape slides right under eggs with no crunchy egg bits stuck to the edge like with my old turners. I chose to mix up the colors for a little excitement. Soft to the touch, but really stands up to the task.
Mary S.Verified
Great product
Love the colors, love the heat resistant feature & works perfectly for fish
Emily B.Verified
Seems pretty good but it
Seems pretty good but it gets a film on it when put in the dishwasher.
Mary F.Verified
Great flip. Size is just right.
Nice shape, edge is thin, Nice size for small skillet. Please make in more colors!

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