Because it's the world's best-reviewed spatula.

Part rocket scientist, part supermodel. All yours.

Mini Spatulas

Big design on a small scale.

Great for smaller jobs, tiny hands, and secret agent missions, this fun-size flipper has all the features you need—including maneuverable dimensions and non-stick, heat resistant silicone. Double-oh tested, kid approved.

What we love about Mini Spatulas:

Sporting an indestructible proprietary fiberglass core (instead of the traditional metal core other silicone spatulas use), the GIR Mini Spatula stays cool to the touch and won’t degrade from the inside out. That's what we call nice handling.

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Spatula Landing Page - 5050 Media - Skinny - Desktop Image

Skinny Spatulas

Slender bender blender contender

Jam out with the best jar-scoopin' spatula on the market. This slim stunner reaches into tall jars like a culinary locksmith. We took our famous fiberglass core and surrounded it with antimicrobial, pharmaceutical-grade silicone that's heatproof to 464° and heat resistant to 550°. Which makes this the perfect is-it-ready-yet oven poker too.

What we love about Skinny Spatulas:

GIR’s Skinny Spatulas won’t burn, splinter, or melt. Say goodbye to unsightly scorch marks and hello to over a dozen fade-proof colors.

Ultimate Spatulas

You say you want a revolution?

We all want to change the world! This spatula is where we started. These days, our award-winning spat is praised on the regular by top chefs and home cooks alike. Our patent-pending unibody design prevents germs and food particles from being trapped in nooks or crannies. Our non-stick platinum silicone is practically indestructible. Call us visionary, but we just wanted a better spatula.

What we love about Ultimate Spatulas:

Our flagship Ultimate Spatula is incredibly versatile and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Its lightweight and indestructible fiberglass core makes it the perfect everyday tool. Add to that over a dozen color options and you’ve got a spatula that’s both practical and stylish enough to keep it on the counter or hung up with the rest of the GIR spatula squad.

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Spatula Landing Page - 5050 Media - Pro - Desktop Image

Pro Spatulas

Star player

The GIR Pro Spatula lets you take on larger tasks with the same seamless engineering that made the Ultimate Spatula a fan favorite. The sturdy upgraded blade won’t flop under pressure. Fold, flip, sauté, and stir your biggest batches with confidence.

What we love about Pro Spatulas:

We like to think of the Pro Spatula as the linebacker of spatulas. It scoops up large portions with unrivaled stability but remains flexible enough to maneuver without scratching your pans. And like any great athlete, it looks good both on and off the field.