Make memories with our top cooking gift ideas.


Nov 22, 2022



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Bundle up and save up to 20% off with these kitchen gifts for home chefs

We’ve brought together the best of the best. Any level of home chef will want these most-loved tools in their kitchen. Plus, gift givers can save up to 20% when they gift a bundle. That’s sure to make the holiday a bit more jolly.

New chefs or college cooks will be mixing, scooping, and flipping in no time with our 3-Piece Ultimate Tool Set ($30.50). The set includes our

A list of gifts for people who love to cook wouldn’t be complete without our 5-Piece Ultimate Tool Set ($50.95). This bestselling tool set brings the ultimate cooking experience to any home chef’s kitchen. The set includes all the tools in our 3-piece set, plus our multi-purpose Ultimate Spoon and our Ultimate Ladle, featuring a deep bowl, precision pouring edge, and embossed measurements.

For cooking gifts with the most options, choose our 10-Piece Bestsellers Set ($90.95). This set includes all the tools in our 5-piece set, plus our

  • Ultimate Whisk for professional quality aeration and foam production
  • Skinny Spatula, winner of Cook’s Illustrated review of jam spatulas
  • Mini Spatula for small tasks and small hands
  • Mini Spoon for smaller mixing, scooping, serving, and basting tasks
  • I-Handle Flat Peeler for everyday peeling

Our gift guide has over 30 curated tool sets for every level of cook, baker, and foodie.

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Gifts for cooks who love leftovers

Whether it’s a meal for one or a festive family feast, some chefs love to make big meals with plenty of leftovers to spare. If you’ve got a leftover lover on your list or need cooking gifts for mom, GIR has them (and their leftovers) covered with our range of eco-friendly, reusable silicone food storage options.

Our Suction Lid Sets are the perfect partner for weekday or holiday meal prep. These award-winning lids turn almost any bowl into a storage container with their unique, airtight suction seal. Your chef can cut, chop, mix, and set aside with confidence, knowing their food will stay fresh while they work.

Our 5-Piece Suction Lid Set ($37.95) and 10-Piece Suction Lid Set ($79.95) include a variety of sizes to fit a range of bowls.

From coffee cups and cans of cranberry sauce to salad dishes and soup bowls, our Stretch Covers bring airtight storage to almost any container. These covers are the perfect gifts for cooks who love to share meals with neighbors and loved ones, or for out-of-town foodies who want to bring a taste of the holidays home with them.

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Unique kitchen gifts for foodies on the go

We love to think outside the box (or Tupperware) when it comes to unique kitchen gifts for people who love to cook, no matter where they are.

Our 3-Piece Ultimate Tool Set ($30.50) is perfect for your minimalist chef, or the cook with a small kitchen. And don’t forget your RV, traveling, and backcountry camping chefs - these lightweight, easy-to-clean tools will be the first thing they pack for their adventures.

Shopping for an iced coffee connoisseur? A hydration lover who’s never without their water bottle? Our dishwasher-safe, reusable silicone straws go from hot to cold without a fuss and come in a range of sizes to fit every cup, taste, and drink. Pack them away in their travel case for on-the-go sipping.

Can’t decide? Our Multi-Pack Straw Set ($10.95) comes with one of each! Straws make great stocking stuffers, too.

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Gifts for people who love to cook and bake

We’re here for the versatile home chef: she goes from sweet to savory in a flash, so you never know what she’ll whip up next. These kitchen gift ideas are curated for cooks with all the pots on the stove (or pies in the oven).

From homemade bread and grandma’s pot pie to restaurant-quality desserts, our new Baker’s Bundle ($34) has all the essentials your chef needs to tackle any baking challenge. The bundle includes our

  • Oven Mitts, thoughtfully crafted from silicone and terry cotton
  • Pastry Mat, designed in collaboration with a professional pastry chef
  • Cupcake Liners (12), the perfect reusable silicone alternative for cupcakes, muffins, and more

Cookies, pie, and homemade pizza are all in a day’s work for your home chef. Our Stretch Covers (6-piece, $29.95) let their pizza dough rise, keep their homemade frosting fresh, and store away extra filling with ease.

With everything they’ll need to cook and bake up a storm, no chef can say no to our 10-Piece Ultimate Bestsellers Set ($90.95). The variety of gorgeous colorways means they might want more than one!

From bestselling bundles to bakers’ best friend, our GIR 2022 gift guide has fun kitchen gifts for every entertainer, family meal maker, college cook, serious home chef, and next bake-off champion on your list. Gift happy with professional quality, planet saving, brilliantly engineered kitchen tools that are sure to serve up some memories this holiday season.