Our 8 Favorite Ways to Use the Spoonula—From Scrambled Eggs to Cake Batters This Cooking Utensil Quite Literally Does It All


Jun 07, 2022



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Every once in a while you’ll come across a kitchen tool or gadget that’s so versatile, you end up reaching for it more than all the other items in your kitchen. A perfectly-sized sheet pan, a cast iron skillet with seasoning years in the making, or an apron that fits just right.

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The Spoonula is one such kitchen tool. As the name suggests, it’s one part spoon, one part spatula, which makes it the perfect all-purpose utensil for just about anything you can think of. It’s made with 100% pharmaceutical-grade silicone, a strong, fiberglass core, and it’s heat-resistant up to 550° (read: it won’t melt if you accidentally rest it on the side of a pan). It’s got sleek edges for scraping, a wide bowl for scooping, and comes in three just-right sizes from the original 11-incher to the mini 8.3-incher.

Read on for our (and our community’s!) absolute-favorite ways to use the Spoonula, from scrambling and serving to scooping and stirring—the Spoonula does it all.

Scraping Up Every Last Bit

The tapered edges on the Spoonula make it the ultimate scraper of things, which is possibly one of the best things about it. “The curved and flexible edges make it the perfect tool for getting every last bit out of a bowl,” says Marie Webster, Pattern Brands CX Lead, plus, adds Emmett Shine, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, “I love using the Spoonula after cooking at home to scoop up all the remains in the pan ever so perfectly.”

And if you’ve got a bit of something at the bottom of a jar? Rebecca Firkser, recipe developer and food editor, recommends reaching for the Spoonula to scoop the last of the mayo out. The mini version is particularly great for peanut butter, jam, coconut oil, and more.

Scooping Meatballs & Stirring Sauce

“It's my favorite GIR product,” proclaims Nick Ling, Co-Founder & CEO, “where I used to have to use a spatula and a spoon, I can now cook a dish using only one tool. So when I cook meatballs I can stir the sauce and serve the meatballs all with one utensil.” Plus, the durable edges of the Spoonula are perfect for scraping up all the meatball bits to infused flavor into the sauce.

Folding and Scooping While Baking

Whether she’s cooking or baking, Suze Dowling, Chief Business Officer & Co-Founder, reaches for the Spoonula more often than anything else. “It excels at scooping, mixing, and folding, she says, “and the flexible body allows me to scrape every last bit of goodness out of the bowl. Not to mention, it’s the perfect item for a taste test.” Cake batters, sticky cookie doughs, and frostings are no match for the Spoonula, which is a great stirrer on its own or the perfect companion to a stand mixer.

Serving Rice and Vegetables

For weeknight dinners, Morgan Doyle, Senior Director, Finance, uses the Spoonula for almost everything,  like “fluffing rice, stirring sauce, and serving veggies.” She and her family love it so much, they even bought a second one to add into the rotation, so a clean Spoonula is always on hand.

One-Pot Dinners

Sure, a one-pot dinner is easy in theory, but if you need more than one utensil to get it done, what’s the point? Enter: the Spoonula. “I most recently used my Spoonula for a one-pot lemon-y chicken and couscous dish,” says Brittany Lima, Head of Brand, Content, and Lifecycle Marketing, and all with the same utensil she “seared chicken, deglazed the pan with a little butter and white wine, toasted the couscous, let it simmer, and served it up.” When it was done? The Spoonula went right in the dishwasher.

Soft-Scrambling Eggs

If you’ve ever tried to soft scramble an egg (you know, low and slow) you’ve probably found that a delicate spatula and a nonstick pan are the best tools for the job. The silicone of the Spoonula won’t scratch a trusty non-stick pan, and the soft edges will gently fold the stir the eggs into creamy, French perfection.

Dinner with Less Cleanup

The unibody design of the Spoonula means it won’t get food caught in nooks and crannies, and “let's face it,” says Nina Lingat, Lifecycle Manager, “cleaning up is the worst part about loving to cook. But with this spoonula, I am hardly putting any elbow grease in to clean the nooks and crannies of the tool because it doesn’t come in parts!”

Cooking with Kids

The high-heat resistance and strong silicone construction make the Spoonula a great tool for kids to practice cooking, and the mini is even better for small hands. “I've been teaching my daughter to cook,” says Amazon reviewer, Hollie Scoma, “and this thing has held up. She has left it resting on the hot pan and has tried to smash stuff,” but the Spoonula has stood strong.

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